Flying With My Own Wings

To clear up the questions I have been asked one to many times my tattoo says, “She Flies With Her Own Wings,” and this is why I got it:

When I received my tattoo it was honestly not for me at all. It stood for something more. It was for a little girl that made the biggest impact on my world, and then not knowing at the time but another 3 little girls to follow after her.

Bri was left at the hospital after amazingly surviving the rough pregnancy her birth mother had put her through. Being addicted to meth when born Bri survived 6 long months in the hospital alone before being brought into our life. My aunt began foster parenting for her after Bri had spent a short amount of time in a temporary foster home, after being released from the hospital. With no where to go, and no one to love her my aunt took her in and she came into a world full of love that she deserved.

After Bri came 3 more little girls, one at a time, but all special in their own little ways.

I received my tattoo December 2010. It stood for strength of standing alone.

I got the idea and tattoo from the strength I saw in that tiny little baby. Little did I know she would give me the strength to accomplish so much. She inspires me, she pushes me, she motivates me.

In getting a tattoo you have a lot of critics. A lot of people say things like, “You’ll regret that” “Do you know what that will look like when you’re 50” “Now you’re stuck with that forever.” Even after all the critics and harsh comments I do not regret my choice of getting it. Yes, you can see it in my modeling picture, and I know some photographers won’t hire you if you have visible tattoos and that is fine. My tattoo stands for more than just some ink decoration on my body. It stands for the strength of standing alone.


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