Standing On My Skinny Soapbox

I am going to take a stance and give my opinion on this new outlook of body images. I know I will probably offend some people, and others may not like me after reading this but this is my blog and this is my own opinion on this new fad of Barbie.


The revamp of Barbie.
My oh my.
The first Barbie previewed March 1959. If you do the math (I’ll do it for you) that means the look of Barbie, being tall skinny with a small waist, has been around 55 years. In 55 years there has never been a major alteration to the way Barbie looks. Why now? What for? I understand that the actual body measurements of Barbie are not obtainable to any real life human being, but the sense of the tall skinny body figure is what is being attacked in this new Barbie.

Some of the headlines of the articles for this new Barbie read “This is the Normal Barbie” “Realistic Barbie” “New Realistic Doll Represents Real Women” So because I am tall, skinny, and blonde I’m not normal, I’m not realistic, I’m not a real woman? Excuse me? Yes, I know this new look would be empowering for girls/women that aren’t tall and thin and I am all for empowering women of all shapes and sizes, but can they not make a different doll? Why change Barbie, an iconic figure that has been around 55 years and never significantly bothered anyone till these past few years. Women and girls should be raised and instilled with the morals and strength that they are comfortable in their own skin, and not compare themselves with a doll.

Growing up I had lots of nicknames: Stretch, Stick Figure, Legs. I’m tall and skinny yet I had nicknames and was made fun of because of my gangly arms and extremely long legs, did that affect me? Sure, at times I wished I was shorter, I wished my arms and legs didn’t resemble toothpicks. Does it affect me now? Not in the least bit because I am comfortable in my own skin. We ALL have things we don’t like about ourselves (even skinny people), but embracing what we love about ourselves is what should matter.

The point I’m trying to make if you haven’t grasped it already is that the look of Barbie shouldn’t be changed because some people think bigger is the new average. Nobody is trying to change Superman because he has super powers and that’s not “average”. So if we are going to make Barbie more “average” how about you go ahead and take away some of Superman’s muscles, strip him of his superpowers and make him more “average” so boys won’t have an unrealistic view of how they should try to be.

Like I stated before, this will probably make some people mad and I’m sorry in advance if it offends some people. I think that this Barbie revamp is getting a whole lot of publicity from people supporting it, and no opinions or consideration of the skinny people out there. There is no “average” body type, and to try to put a label on what is “normal” and “average” is just preposterous in my opinion. If you change the look of Barbie and say it’s for the “average” and “normal” girls/women then how about you try to explain to the millions of little girls that are skinny,because that is their “average” body type, that they aren’t “average” or “normal” or won’t grow up to be a “real woman” because they are built the way they are.

Just food for thought. Maybe before some people throw judgement on what is right they should think of who is sitting on the other side of the argument too.


4 thoughts on “Standing On My Skinny Soapbox

  1. I’m not tall or naturally blonde and I’m not offended by this. I agree completely. The problem is not with the doll. It’s with society. I’m 5′ 2″ and I weigh 115. I have big boobs and curvy hips and at times through the years I didn’t like it. It took me a while to realize I have a rocking figure and now I’m comfortable with how I look. The problem is not with barbie being too tall or too skinny or unrealistic. The problem is that young girls aren’t encouraged to be who they are, to love the skin their in. If they choose to idolize a piece of plastic with a “perfect” figure they don’t have very realistic views on how a woman should be. Of any shape or size. No matter how tall or skinny you are it is literally impossible to look exactly like barbie

  2. I agree with others. You need not apologize. I’m not against any particular height nor any particular weight, but you said it yourself: they are basically saying you are not real or not normal. They are basically saying you are the minority and not like the majority; therefore, they shouldn’t sell a barbie like you.

    I also agree with Sam who said the problem is with society and maybe even our businesses’ models most used methodologies. They are being pushed to change and do, but who is doing the pushing? I also agree with Ed’s comment about Ken. I don’t think these are trivial questions for we are shaping the future with each of our actions or even or inactions.

    Someone once said, if you are looking around and no leader can be found, then you just might be the leader that needs to stand up.

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