The Nanny Diaries

For those of you who know me you know I have been a nanny for about 5 years now. Those of you who don’t know me you know now. I have taken care of children from newborn to school age. From 1 child to 6 children at the same time. From in-home care to a daycare. I love children.
It has come to my attention recently that people feel that a childcare workers time is worth little to nothing. When I go on and Sittercity or even just Facebook I see people post things searching for nannys and sitters like, “in search of cheap babysitter” or “not willing to pay more than $5 an hour.” If you are “not willing to pay more than $5 an hour” I have something to tell you are going to get care that is “only worth $5 an hour.”
In my time in childcare I have fallen in love with what I do, and I have a passion children and for their growth and development. I feel like some parents and people in general underestimate what we do. I am there when the child wakes up. I feed them breakfast. I keep them busy and engaged in activities for 3 hours. I put them down for a nap. I am there when they wake up. I feed them lunch. I keep them active and engaged for another 3 hours. Then I put them down for their afternoon nap. I give them a snack when they wake up. Not to mention the countless nose wipes, booboo kisses, and diaper changes in between. I give them cuddles when their sad. I give them medicine when they don’t feel good. I take them to their doctor appointments when you can’t get off work for. I am their person. I am there 5 days a week 10 hours a day for the first few years of their life. You are putting your child’s life in my hands for 50 hours a week. I have went to training. I have taken classes. I have read countless books. All that to you is only worth $5 an hour?
Sure you can find people willing to watch your children for $10 a day, but what experience do they have? What training have they been through? Can they administer CPR if your child chokes? Will they take them to the zoo and on walks or will they sit in front of the television all day?
You pay for the quality of care that you expect. If you don’t expect to pay that much then don’t expect the sitter or nanny you hire to go above and beyond. Sure on the rare occasion you can find that amazing sitter for little to nothing because they need the job, but good luck on that miracle.
I have set rates varying for situation and length of work. I feel they are reasonable given the experience and training that I have. When someone says, “oh that’s too much” or “sorry I don’t plan on paying that much” my feelings don’t get hurt. I just see it as they don’t think my time is worth that, and that is fine because there are parents that want that extra training or someone to go that extra mile and it’s worth it to them.
Regardless of what I am getting paid I love my position as a nanny, and love what I do. Even if I’m not changing the world or saving lives I am making an impact on one tiny little soul and that makes it all so worth it to me.IMG_0123






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