My Life In Moving Boxes

As I begin to finally pack up our life in Florida I have began to reflect on what this part of our life has brought us.
The title of this post is a little misleading. I could never begin to fit all that this chapter of our life in Florida has given me in boxes. My clothes and shoes may occupy the boxes we are packing, but my heart is packed full of wonderful people and memories.

For a while the thought of the move was hard for me to swallow. I have made friends here, I have what feels like a family here, and this is where my husband’s and I marriage began together. After many tears, lots of arguments, and about 8 months I am finally excited for this new chapter. I no longer see this move as an end, but a new beginning. I knew a move was inevitable given Blake’s career, but I was unaware of what that move was going to be like.

I remember the day before moving here. I cried when I left my mom’s house for the last time seeing my empty room. I wept when I said my goodbye’s to my sister and mom and other family. I didn’t think missing them would ever get easier and that I would never adjust to being here. Now 3 months shy of living here 2 years I am having the same reaction to heading home. It’s sad to say I got a little teary writing what will be our last rent check to our first place (pitiful I know). But this is our life. This has been our home, and now we are packing up all the memories, life, and love we have had here to load it into our trunks and moving truck to travel 670 miles home. I know moving home is an end to our wonderful time here, but I also know it is a beginning to something amazing for us!

I don’t want to say goodbye and I don’t want to leave still, but the time has come where it is no longer a deliberation; its a countdown. My life has turned into a countdown. Its a race against time to enjoy every last second here, and accomplish everything I need to.

Going from we might be home by Christmas to we might be home for Thanksgiving to I’ll be home next weekend came all to fast for me. But the pictures have began coming down off the walls and our clothes have found their way into boxes with permanent marker labels on them. Goodbye’s have started to be said and last times are starting to be tallied.

Our life here is being put into boxes, and we are moving home. Officially.


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