I Forgot I Wasn’t Real.

So after waiting and watching and stewing on this I think I am finally ready to voice my opinion on the matter. If you are active on social media (facebook, twitter, what have you) I’m sure you have seen this article:


This is an article where women of different shapes and sizes put on Victoria’s Secret bathing suits and did a photo shoot. Fine whatever anyone can do and that I have no issue with. My problem begins in how this photo shoot has been perceived and titled. Buzzfeed did the original story that I shared the link for above. They have recently renamed the article “We tried on Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suits and This Is What Happened,” but up until yesterday the title was “Here’s what Victoria’s Secret swimsuits look like on real women.” They may have changed the title to save face from all the pissed off skinny girls in the world, but little did they notice the title stayed the same in the link to verify the original title it was posted with.

So before I begin my rant on how and why this makes me so obscenely angry I would like to further indulge you to look up this article on google to see the titles of all the other blogs, websites, and magazines that have reposted it. A few of them being:
“How Victoria’s Secret bathing suits look on everyday women.”
“Photos of normal women wearing Victoria’s Secret bathing suits.”
and my personal favorite “These women are showing Victoria’s Secret what a “Perfect Body” really looks like.”

Well let me just say, F You. Shame on you to all these people saying that their body type, a thicker body type, a more curvy body type, a fuller body type, whatever body type you would like to call it is more “normal” or more “average” or more “REAL” than any other body type. Shame on you. Yes Victoria’s Secret uses models, and yes those models are slim, and yes those photos are photoshopped, but saying because those models work their asses off to look like they do and that because they spend endless hours learning to pose and training themselves in their field of work that they aren’t real women or they aren’t normal women is a disgrace and shame to see in this day and age.

I know a lot of people probably think this is a useless thing to waste my time defending or arguing over, but to someone who has been what I now hear is “not real” my entire life gives me something to defend. I’m thin. I have always been thin. I am also a model and I have been for 6 years now. That doesn’t make me less than normal or any less real than the Jane Doe standing in front of me in line at Target.

To say that there is an average body type is a ridiculous thing to say. I have never met 2 people with the exact same body type nor will I ever until they start cloning people I suppose. Being thin isn’t “normal, being thick isn’t “normal”, being muscular guess what that isn’t “normal” either. We are our own originals. We are our own mint conditions. We are our own first editions. There wasn’t someone just like us before us, and there won’t be someone just like us after us. We are our own normal. There’s always something different about us from the next person. Chances are 72% of women have larger breasts than me. Doesn’t mean I am not normal, just means I missed out on that good boob gene in our family. On the flip side I probably have longer legs than 82% of women definitely inherited that from the dad’s side of my family. That doesn’t mean I am not normal because I am freakishly tall compared to some it just means that’s me, that’s my normal.

I think we all need to go back to high school and learn about stereotyping again because I have learned we could all use a good lesson in it. Saying you have the perfect body type or labeling a body type the “real body type” doesn’t do anything but make other’s feel bad about their own body type no matter what it is. As girls, and women, and men too we all need to learn to embrace our own body types no matter what they are from size 0 to size 22 we are all perfect because you are you and that makes you perfectly real and however normal you want to be.


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