I Choose Me


We live in a society where we are pushed to give and pushed to be generous and pushed and pulled this way and that to give back and lend a hand, but where in there is it ok to not to? In what situation is it ok to be like, “No actually I’m going to take some me time and figure my shit out.” I’ll tell you when. When someone is making you choose between their happiness and your own.

When you are with someone you strive and you push to make them completely happy. You want the best for them and you sometimes tear yourself down doing it. Instead of having to tear  yourself down to make someone happy they should be building you up so you both remain happy in the situation. I have gotten to that torn down point a time or two and I learned a lot, but mostly I learned this…

I Choose Me. I choose me for all the things that I’ve done right in my life and all the things that I have done wrong. I choose me over the boys who hurt me and the men who once made me smile, but it just didn’t feel right with. I choose me because I chose strength when I could have chosen to fall apart. I choose me because with the help of the good Lord above I turned a devastating situation into the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I choose me because of the nights I spend alone and I am completely content. I choose me for the days that the only two people I talk to is the big man above  me and the girl starring back at me when I look in the mirror.  I choose me because I have peace within my soul with myself. I choose me because in a world that is so accustomed to  needing someone else I  choose be alone.

I choose me for today and everyday. I’ll keep choosing me until someone shows me that their happiness is worth choosing over my own. I’ll choose me with all of my impurities and flaws. I choose me because I refuse to leave my happiness hanging in the balance of someone else’s insecurities who I know won’t take care of it. I’ll chose me not because I’m selfish or self centered, but because I know my worth and I am worth far more than how you have treated me.

So learn to choose you. Choose yourself over the indecisive player who only texts you to come “chill” when it’s convenient for him. Choose you over the guy who makes you fall for him then completely disappears when things start to get serious. Choose you over the man who wants your Saturday nights, but not your Sunday mornings.

Choose you for all the great things you have accomplished, and the wonderful things you have going on in your life because you’re worth that. Choose you because you’re perfect and you will be perfect with or without a man by your side. Choose you because if you keep choosing yourself over all lost causes and meaningless first dates then sooner or later you’ll find your “him”. Then you’ll choose him over you, because he is happiness. Because he will show you being an “us” is better than just being a “you”.



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