How Silence Ruins A Girls Heart

The feeling of being unwanted is probably one of the most significant and undesirable feelings in the world and we have all been there. Maybe from a parent or friend, maybe your boss or your significant other no matter the case you have felt that stomach in your butt nauseating feeling of not being wanted. When you put your feelings out in the open and they aren’t taken or reciprocated. Guys from my experience in the dating world are pros at this. They want you for a week or a few dates and then once the fluffy newness wears off in a few weeks they just disappear or make up a lame excuse how you’re too perfect and they don’t want to hurt you or worse the dwindle away to nothing slowly fading out. Having had this happen a few times I know from personal experience this is about the worst thing you could do to a girl.
All we want is the attention we put in given back or even maybe just a percentage back, but for some guys that’s just too difficult. At first they seem all in and say all the right things at all the right moments and give you butterflies like a high schooler again. The dates are perfect you walk away smiling every night and it’s the greatest feeling in the world. When you talk about them you feel hearts gushing out of your eyes.
Then 3 or 4 dates in there is a lengthened pause between replies and snap chats most of the time there just isn’t one. You still try to talk yourself into the fact that he’s too busy or not in place he can talk right now. DON’T FOOL YOURSELF. If he wanted to talk there would be a reply no matter how small. Don’t be in denial, and let’s all be realists here like said in Sex and The City, “he’s just not that into you.”
Those “Good Morning” texts that you hope for every morning when you roll over to check your phone, how many times do you have to see a blank screen to realize that it’s not worth your time. But if you’re anything like me you again make some excuse up and text him first anyway. Silently hoping that he was getting ready to text you first. Or that’s what you tell yourself to make it seem ok. 
You are probably now at the point that you are telling yourself 3/4 of the time that this is stupid and you’re dumb for wasting your time, but there’s still that 1/4 of you that’s convincing yourself to hold on that maybe all these made up excuses you keep telling yourself are true and he’s just not a talker or phone person it’s not that he’s blatantly ignoring you. 
Let me enlighten you on something ladies and gentlemen…it takes 10 seconds…10 seconds to open your phone, go to your messages, type “Good Morning” and send it. If he doesn’t have 10 seconds for you then why are you devoting so many seconds of your day thinking about him and every time you check your phone you are hoping to see his name is on your screen.
Sure you like him a lot and he has every must have that you have on your list, but is feeling your heart fall into your stomach every time a text goes unanswered or a phone call isn’t returned really worth it? Is hurting you on your must have list? 
The kind of guys that do this to girls is the reason girls are guarded and insecure about dating. I’ve had this scenario play out more times than I can count on one hand in my own life. I’m scared to death of dating anymore. Why would I want to openly put myself out there to be let down again? Is the feeling of love if you do find it really worth it? Is there a perfect guy for me that will last past date 3? So far the answers are a bit cloudy.
I’m a hopeless romantic like many girls are. We want cute little texts and flowers for no reason at all, but at this point I’d take a returned snapchat and a Good Morning on occasion.
I won’t ever lower my standards or change what I’m looking for to mold around the guy in front of me. I don’t want short term attention I want long term loyalty. I may get wrapped up in the wrong guys but they will without a doubt always show their true colors eventually. 
So guys where are you hiding? And don’t say it’s the nice guys finish last scenario because I have went on dates with lots of “nice guys” and they are nice for maybe the first date or two. Then I’m just another pretty girl who fell for the charade.
But a word for the ladies out there that I’ve had to tell myself many times… He Is Out There. You may not find him on Tinder or Bumble or any of the convenient ways, but he is out there. Chances are he’s looking for you just as hard as you are looking for him. Just do you and focus on what’s important, because miracles happen in the midst of the waiting.


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