Until I Met You


I thought I had it figured out. I thought that being single was what I did best, and that I was getting along fine by myself. Until I met you. Until I met you my life was ok day in and day out. Then I met you. When I met you my life went from ok to amazing on a daily basis. I look forward to your texts every morning and our random Snapchats throughout the day. The weeks go by so fast, and my weekends are now booked before we even get to them. I don’t wish the days away I cherish every minute of each day being yours. You’ve made me better.

Until I met you I hated sports. I hated watching them. I hated hearing about them. Now I have watched an entire superbowl and actually paid attention, I’ve been to my first NBA game, my first minor league hockey game and my first NHL game. I discovered a love for hockey I never would have found without you in my life. I’ve purchased fan wear and can actually sit through a game without losing interest. But it’s more than discovering my non hatred for sports that matters; you changed me…for the better. You made me open my horizons and discover something that without you I never would have known.

Until I met you I didn’t appreciate the little things. Like the way your eyes squint when you really laugh. The way you study a beer after you take the first drink. It’s the look you give me when we are out somewhere with a group of people and just in your smile it’s like we are speaking our own language without any words. It’s the way you laugh in the morning when you flip on the light and see my grumpy face. The way no matter where we are before you walk away you kiss my forehead; it’s like your own way of telling me that you’ll always be back.

You’ve moved me. You’ve changed me. Every girl looks their whole life for a man that puts her first. They search for a man that’s considerate. They want a man who knows what he wants and goes after it, and you are every bit of that man and so much more. You put me first. You make sure I am happy before yourself. You love me without conditions or stipulations. You’ve seen me without makeup more than with makeup and you make me feel just as beautiful either way.

You entered my life completely unexpectedly and turned into everything I’ve ever needed. Our relationship is so much more than mushy Facebook posts and cute selfies (that I always make you take more than you want of). It’s when you have a stressful day at work and need to vent and I’m always there to listen. It’s when the waiter asks if we want the desert menu and you say yes because you know I always do. It’s when we get stuck at a long red light and you lose your temper but I love you through your fit. It’s having a date night and spending 3/4 of it in the gym, but loving every second of it just as much as being out. It’s late nights and early mornings on weekends, because we have so much to do but the loss of sleep is worth it knowing my waking hours are spent by your side making memories.

Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for changing me. Thank you for making me even more me. Thank you for accepting the bad and loving the good. Thank you for understanding even in the times that I don’t. Thank you for loving me and letting me love you.


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