When You’re Living Life In The Wait


There’s a time in all of our lives when we question what we’re doing, because the problems and life mishaps seem endless. We question almost every move we have made in our adult life wondering where we went wrong or if we would have done something differently life would be better. We wonder what kind of lapse of judgement we could have had to date that person. We question if leaving one job to take another one was the right move. We try to figure out why no matter how hard we try we still fail that class in college that we have to have to graduate. We don’t understand why no matter how many hours there are in a day there is never enough to accomplish everything we need to.

Everything we question and everything we don’t understand attributes to “Our Wait”. Our wait is the time in our life of question. It’s the time when we ask the questions we need immediate answers to and the answers just don’t come when we need them. Our wait tests our patience, it tests our strength, it tests our faith and it tests who we are. In all that it tests it also teaches. It teaches us patience, it makes up stronger, it develops our faith and it reassures us of who we are and what we are capable of.

Although our wait may make us angry and test us in ways we don’t know how to handle the real purpose of it is to make us better. We live in such a “give me now” world that having to wait is a whole new concept for us. When we want dinner we go through McDonald’s tell them what we want and they immediately give it to us, we don’t have to wait and cook our food. When we have a question we open our smart phones, type it into google and there’s the answer, we don’t have to flip through a thesaurus page by page to get the answer. Fast, easy and convenient is how we live our life. Until we have to wait.

Your wait may be now. Your wait may have been last year or not yet to come. Your wait could be the entire span of your early to late twenties. No matter when your wait is it will always teach you something. The lessons depend on the questions we have and the answers we aren’t receiving. Is your wait a divorce you didn’t see coming and still don’t know why it happened? Is your wait a job move you thought was a great idea and now your poor and questioning why you did it? Is your wait trying to trudge through college classes while all your other former classmates have graduated?

When you’re living your life in the wait don’t quit. Don’t stop your life until you get the answers you want, push through. Push yourself to grow in your wait. Make yourself ready to know how to handle the answers that are coming your way. Realize that that divorce was meant to happen, because your life is about to get so much better. Know that that career change was worth the hard times because you’re in a better place now and your happy. Don’t forget that as long as you graduate it doesn’t matter when you do it or who did it before you.

And always find the good. Use that divorce to make yourself new. Yeah, that separation sucks and you didn’t chose to go through any of this, but you now have the opportunity to become a whole new person and be anything you want. You have the chance to find someone who loves you so deeply it won’t ever be in question. Take this hard time being the newbie at a new job and  find out what really matters. See who stays by you when your paychecks are small, and nights out are cheap. Use the late nights of homework and tears of exhaustion to remember how lucky you are that you have the opportunity to go to school and remember who encourages you along the way.

There are lessons meant to be learned in the wait and that’s why we go through it, but the biggest lesson of our wait is to learn how to let go. Let go of the picture we had in our minds of how our life should be according to us, and let our life turn into what it was meant to be. It’s hard, really hard, and it can be messy at times, but in the end it will always be worth it when the wait is over.


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