A Nanny’s Goodbye

You’ve two have been my best friends for three years.
I watched you grow.
I watched you struggle to walk and then progress into running.
We learned as you grew and we figured things out together.
We snuggled when you didn’t feel well, and celebrated when you learned something new.

When I walked into your home January 5, 2015 for my first day I didn’t know that you would come to be such a significant part of my life for the next three years. Being a nanny for so long I have come to know that every family is special and each child changes your life, but you two have meant so much more. The millions of laughs we have shared and the hundreds of cuddles that we have cuddled have meant so much in the biggest parts of change in my life. You provided the innocent giggles I needed to hear on the days that I needed them the most and the excited “Manda”  I needed to hear every morning to start my day.

I’m glad that you don’t really understand what tomorrow means. I’m glad because I don’t want you to feel that you will ever really lose me. I will always be your Manda and I will forever be here when you need me. Tomorrow isn’t goodbye no matter how hard it is for me to leave at the end of the day. I will always see you soon. I may not leave on Friday’s and come back on Monday’s to ask you all about your weekend anymore, but I’ll be back.

I just want to thank you two little souls and your mommy and daddy for allowing me to be apart of your life for the last three years. I will never be able to express how much it has meant to be by your side Monday through Friday every week. Every car ride, every Froyo date, every game of hide and seek and Fun Day Friday will be cherished forever. After all the hours we have spent together now it doesn’t feel like nearly enough. Time went by way too fast.

If I could have picked any way to spend this time I would chose spending it with you both over and over again. My life is better because of what you taught me, and although it is so extremely hard to imagine spending my Monday through Friday 8-5 any other way than with you two I will never forget all the days that we had together. No job will ever compare to being your nanny, but I knew there would always come a time when you would no longer need me. Even in knowing that parting ways does not come any easier.

I hope that you will always remember the super fun days that we had together, and all the adventures that we went on. I hope that your new nanny can see the special little souls that you both are and helps you grow into the awesome little people you are both meant to be. I hope you both know no matter what you can be anything you want to be. Even if that means being a ballerina and a super hero. Lastly I hope that you always remember that although it is going to be so hard to let go of each other we are so lucky to have something so hard to let go of.

I’ll love you forever,

Your Manda


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